The Qualities of a Good Illustrator

Gabriella Eva Nagy is an established author and illustrator who loves to create stimulating and educational books. Some of her best books include Moonlight Dance, The Dancing Butterflies, and Enchanted Rainbows. Most of Gabriella Eva Nagy’s works are children’s books filled with colorful illustrations made to excite and educate young kids. These beautiful illustrations are created by Gabriella Eva Nagy herself. With her natural talent and honed skills in animation and multimedia, Gabriella Eva Nagy surely knows how to capture the eyes and attention of both adults and children with her images. Essentially, Gabriela Eva Nagy is a good illustrator who utilizes art and literature to contribute something great to the world. Now, what exactly makes an illustrator good? There are certain common qualities of a good illustrator to look into.

Skills and Knowledge

Skills and knowledge are two of the most important things every illustrator must possess. Basically, a good illustrator is someone who is skillful and knowledgeable. This does not necessarily mean that one needs to master all the techniques nor entire history of illustration. Instead, being a skillful and knowledgeable illustrator simply means that one has the necessary skills and ample knowledge about illustrating. In essence, a good illustrator should have a good grasp of, at least, the basics of illustration. He or she must have sufficient knowledge about perspective, proportion, shading, light and form, color theory, etc. More so, he or she should know how to use the essential tools and software for illustrating.

Creativity and Imagination

It is almost an unspoken rule that illustrators should be creative an imaginative. Creativity and imagination are fundamental qualities of a good illustrator. Since the job of an illustrator is to create eye-pleasing and sensible images, he or she is required to possess creativity and imagination. Imagination is basically the capacity to form new ideas and concepts inside one’s head, while creativity refers to the ability of a person to use the original ideas from his or her imagination in producing artistic work. By combining these two, an illustrator will be able to create artistic illustrations, which are both aesthetic and distinct.


Uniqueness is very important quality of a good illustrator. More often than not, many illustrators, especially the budding ones, fail or refuse to establish their own style because they settle with copying the work of someone else. Of course, this is not something that an illustrator should do. A good illustrator does not settle with being a mere copycat. Instead, he or she tries to develop a unique art style that makes his or her work distinct from the rest. In other words, a good illustrator has a sense of uniqueness. He or she creates original illustrations that come straight from his or her own creative ideas. In essence, a good illustrator knows how to produce remarkable and recognizable illustrations.


Passion is arguably the most important quality that every illustrator should have. A good illustrator is basically someone who is passionate about what he or she is doing. He or she creates illustrations and produce beautiful images not just because there is money in doing so but, most importantly, because he or she loves it. Passion drives a good illustrator to continue what he or she is doing every day. It motivates him or her to keep on improving. When an illustrator is passionate, no amount of criticism or failure will ever be able to push him or her to the brink of giving up. Passion produces a great illustrator.

In conclusion, a good illustrator is someone who is skillful, knowledgeable, creative, imaginative, unique, and passionate. All of these qualities determine how good an illustrator is when it comes to creating illustrations. In essence, the main thing that separates a good illustrator from an average one is the ability of the former to turn his or her images into something valuable and impactful. The illustrations of a good illustrator are more than just colorful images. They are reflections of the experiences that the illustrator has gone through in trying to produce good art. Just like Gabriella Eva Nagy and her works, a good illustrator creates illustrations that resonate his or her personality, dreams, and aspirations.

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